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If interested, I would have to place an order for this item.  Sometimes I have it in stock.

Perle Morbide available

Also, available in White. Perle Morbide is very popular in Europe.  It is a complete bird food which entirely replaces the germination seed such as soaking seed and sprouting seeds, therefore eliminating bacteria.  Perle Morbide is great for all kinds of birds, such as finches, waxbills, canaries, gold finches, siskins, parakeets, parrots.


Excellent for  breeding,  just soak Perle Morbide in water 1/1 for about 2 hours and serve soft.

Let me know if you are interested - special order.


Raff Bird Food - Mito Bianco, Bisko, Holland rosso, Holland cova


  • Raff Mito Bianco,
  • Raff Bisko,
  • Raff Holland Cova,
  • Raff Holland Rosso




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